Japan May 2013

Japan May 2013

Starting at the Tokyo fish market on Sunday May 19th, we will spend the following 10 days soaking up Japan’s history and whisky culture. Participants will visit Japan’s most respected and interesting distilleries as well as some world famous whisky bars. We will make stops in Kyoto, Osaka, Sapporo and Sendai, and will even spend a night at a traditional Japanese Onsen.

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“This will be an 11 night 10 day tour of Japan with an eye to the country’s whisky culture and its rich history.

May 18th             Saturday

Arrive Tokyo
Accommodation: Tokyo Park Hotel (Bar High Society) SMWS in Japan!

May 19th             Sunday

Tokyo Fish Market
Imperial Gardens
Harajuku District
Whisky Bars/SMWS Tokyo
Accommodation: Tokyo Park Hotel (Bar High Society) SMWS in Japan!

May 20th             Monday

Ueno Park
National Museum
Senso-ji Temple
Whisky Bars
Accommodation: Tokyo Park Hotel (Bar High Society) SMWS in Japan!

May 21st              Tuesday

Train from Ikebukuro to Seibu Chichibu
Chichibu Distillery
More Tokyo Sights
Accommodation: Tokyo Park Hotel (Bar High Society) SMWS in Japan!

May 22nd            Wednesday

Train from JR Shinjuku to Kobuchizawa
Hakushu Distillery
Train to Kyoto
Accommodation: Kyoto Westin

May 23rd             Thursday

Kyoto Zen Gardens
Kyoto Ancient Capital
Kyoto Temples – Fushumi Inari Etc
Accommodation: Kyoto Westin

May 24th             Friday

Yamazaki Distillery
Nara Buddha?(for discussion by entire party)
Accommodation: Osaka Westin

May 25th             Saturday

Himeji Castle 1 1/2hr each way
Osaka Castle
Other Osaka Sights
Accommodation: Osaka Westin

May 26th             Sunday

Fly to Sapporo Hokkaido
Sapporo Brewery
Hokkaido Sights
Accommodation: Sapporo

May 27th             Monday

Yoichi Distillery
Noboribetsu Onsen Resort
Accommodation: Noboribetsu Onsen

May 28th             Tuesday

Fly to Sendai
Sendai/Miyagikyo Distillery
Train to Tokyo
Tour Ending Dinner in Tokyo
Accommodation: Tokyo Park Hyatt – Hotel made famous in Lost in Translation.

Estimated Price for the Tour – Price drops with additional participants.

–          Group of 4 – $7240/person
–          Group of 6 – $6367/person
–          Group of 8 – $5902/person
–          Price based on double occupancy.
–          Single traveler supplement is $1500.00 additional.

–          Price includes:

  • 11 nights of accommodation
  • ANA Flight Pass – We have two flights between Osaka and Sapporo as well as Sapporo and Tokyo
  • Japan Rail Pass – We will be using rail to travel around the rest of the country.
  • All Additional Transport – I will rent a vehicle or hire a van for Hokkaido depending on the number of participannts.
  • All Visitor Attractions
  • All Distillery Costs
  • Tour Ending Dinner in Tokyo

–          Price does not include:

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities Along the Way
  • Flights

–          Deposit: A $2000.00/person deposit is required prior to making the reservations.
–          Confirmed final total will be announced on three weeks before departure.
–          The balance of the trip cost will be due two weeks prior to travel.

*All participants must provide proof of travel medical insurance and sign a waiver.

 I am also offering a side trip to Taiwan to visit the Kavalan distillery, details will be posted separately.”
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