Off to Asia in a Little Over 1 Week – First Stop China

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My 3 week Asian tour begins next Sunday when I head to China to visit one of LVMH’s newest acquisitions in Sichuan province. On my way I have a stop planned in Beijing where I’ll hopelessly try to see all the important sites in a day and a half. From there I head to southwestern China near the border with Tibet, to the city of Chengdu. Moet Hennessey has bought a Chinese white spirits producer there, reputed to produce the world’s finest ‘Bai Jiu’. The Moet brand is named Wen Jun in honour of Zhou Wen Jun, the woman who first produced the spirit some 2000 years ago.

Wenjun Distillery


While in China I will also be visiting the pandas at their home base, will be checking out the relics of the long lost Shu culture at the San Xing Dui museum, and paying homage at the Thatched Cottage of the Tang dynasty poet Du Fu. In all my boots will have been on the ground just six days in China. On the 18th of May I head to Tokyo for the start of my first Asian whisky tour. I’ll be¬†crisscrossing Japan and making a side tour to Taiwan, all in the name of whisky tourism.¬†Keep checking my blog for updates and to follow my progress!

Du Fu Cottage



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